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Strange Head in Sodom

The Buddy Booth scene, like the gay bath house craze of the 1970’s, has fallen ill to some sort of unseen illness. A type of mass depression has overridden these caves of sort; gay men, like cave men during the ice age, must move to warmer environments if the species is to survive.

It seemed the recession of 2009 was the cause of the emotional crisis of these underground sissy hot-spots, or perhaps the threat of being posted on social media, performing oral sex acts in a hole cut in plywood, was the cause of the loss of popularity within these New York City porn shops.

Whatever the cause of this exodus from a once hot gay Eden, the fact is, these places have been overridden by insatiable bottoms who now have become very territorial and will fight one another, tooth-and-nail, over any half masculine, straight- appearing dude who stumbles into these abysses, appearing to be the one who prefers to have his penis sucked upon.

One will find more action in Times Square with the seedy comic book characters who demand payment from tourists for posing in a photograph.

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