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Larry got fired last Friday. After learning Larry refused to work for the Amazon.com cardboard box section of our NYC based shipping company, Steve, the floor manager, told the six year veteran of the place to “Take a hike. We had an agreement and you shook on it! Get the fuck out of here. You are fired.” 

Larry showed up at the job on Friday to pick up his paycheck. The towering six-foot five inch or so tired- looking black dude with a shinny head, obviously shaved a dozen or so times with the same Bic razor, managed to crack a smile at me as he said good-bye, and this– 

“It’s in the Lord’s hands now…Hey, let me ass you this, don’t they hold back the first paycheck here?” 

“That was your last paycheck, Larry,” I explained, “We get paid every Friday for the work performed the week before. The check you just got was the check they held back when you first started here.” 

Larry thanked me and turned to walk out the door. I’ll never forget the day he tried to start a fight with me when I was new, just because I had stacked one of those awful Amazon cardboard boxes in the wrong sorting bin. Larry was so upset with me– almost like a floor manager or something, back when he was in his own mind, the Employee of the Month. 

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